natural-law-morlino-e1424795835271The law is the plays very important role in our lives. A person must know the laws of the country and should aware of the rules of the own land. There is no excuse for the ignorance of the law in every country. It is very practical for a person to get the knowledge of the law. A person who knows the law of his country can also know the power of an individual under the law. Citizen of a country may obtain their rights from the law, therefore if people aware of the law can avail the power which he gets from of the law. Every country has a different type of laws.maxresdefaultb

Actually, the law is a legal system that is obligatory from first to last social organization to govern behavior Laws. It can be accomplished by a collective legislature resulting in the act by the implementation by judgment or regulations, or by judges of the courts through requisite standard, as a general rule in common law jurisdictions.  

The value of the law or rules is that they can guard the rights of the people and uphold the law and order of the country. The law controls a person to not to do any illegal practice and defend the people from it.

The general law consists of many laws like:

The Constitutional and administrative law: constitutional law is that which laws is written in a constitution of a country. It is the source of the law. From it, a legal body can make laws time to time.

Criminal law and procedure: It is a law which allows punishing or giving a judgment depending on a format or the procedure of the criminal law.  

Civil procedure: It deals with civil matters of the country.

Contract law: It deals with contract or the agreement. A company law is consisting of the law of contract.

Tort law: In common law jurisdictions, it is a civil wrong that illegally causes someone else to go through loss or harm resulting in a legal problem for the person who commits the tortious act. The meaning of tort is a civil wrong.

Property law: It is the part of the law which governs the different forms of ownership and occupancy of real property. In the system of civil law, there is a division between immovable and movable property. Movable properties generally correspond to individual rights in property, whereas immovable property corresponds to real property.

justiceTax law and corporate law: An area of legal reading which deals with the common-law, statutory, constitutional, tax agreement and regulatory rules which constitute the law related to taxation is called the law of tax. Corporate law is a part of a wider company law and the law of business associations.

Intellectual Property: World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) says about the intellectual property that creation of the mind it includes inventions, literary designs and symbols exercise in business. The proprietor of intellectual property has control of its use.